Dhanashree Fresh Milk is cow-based low-fat natural milk, processed and packed in Pune. With the least amount of processing, milk is collected from local farmers and sent to the market in real-time. Milk contains 3.0% fat and 8.5% solids in form of different nutrients like Calcium, Protein, Vitamins and Minerals.
Dhanashree Gold Milk is homogenized and pasteurized genuine cow milk. The goodness of cow milk is present in every single drop. Cow milk is said to have many similarities as in mother’s milk. Dhanashree Gold Milk is pure and safe to be consumed by everyone.
This is a premium whole milk specially packed for all those who wish to make home-made ghee from cow’s milk. This rich and classic whole milk can be used as either full-fat milk or as skimmed milk. One can boil and collect the cream layered at the top, what remains for the user is healthy skimmed cow milk.